Corporate Responsibility

Wessex Bristol recognises that Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to the group’s success.

By investing in human capital, the environment and relations with stakeholders, Wessex Bristol seeks to go beyond merely fulfilling legal expectations and compliance.  We strive to apply the following key principles:

  • To fulfil our responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers, business  partners and the wider community;
  • To treat all groups and individuals engaged in, or affected by the group’s businesses with the highest standards of respect and integrity;
  • To conduct all aspects of our business at the highest level of professionalism and excellence;
  • To pursue our financial performance goals without losing sight of longer-term objectives or of the wider context in which our businesses operate;
  • To seek continuous improvement in all aspects of the way we operate and do business; and
  • To ensure we conduct our business and make our decisions within a clear ethical framework.

The Group believes that our own development must integrate the search for a better quality of life for our customers, employees, shareholders, and the regions and various communities affected by our production and distribution operations throughout the UK and the world.