The Group

Wessex Bristol has deployed a unique business model marked by dynamic growth since its inception in 2008.

Our mission has been to acquire and build established businesses and iconic brand names that have a strong heritage and proven historical performance. Our goal is to build these brands into long term global businesses.

“Our business model is anchored in a long term vision that builds on the heritage of our brands. This model drives the success of our group and ensures its bright future.”

A Ahmed, Founder & CEO

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to consolidate our key assets and build on established brand equity in order to deliver long term value to our shareholders.

Our aim is to create superior performance through the art of designing and making the finest products. Dedicated management, creative designers and highly skilled craftsmen aim to maintain traditions of excellence through a continuation of innovation and reinvention, making the products offered by each brand, the best in the marketplace.


The group’s vocation is to ensure the development of each of its brands while respecting their identities and their autonomy, providing the resources needed to create, produce and market their products and services through carefully selected channels.

Each of our companies has a distinct brand identity within the marketplace and have been at the forefront of their market, some for over a hundred years.

Corporate Responsibility

Wessex Bristol recognises that Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to the group’s success.


Wessex Bristol believes that our own development must integrate the search for a better quality of life for all our stakeholders.

A policy of sustainable supply underlines the group’s commitment to enhancing immediate lifestyles, whilst ensuring the interests of the wider global environment are also looked after.