Wesley-Barrell is one of the UK’s most revered brand names for upholstery and furniture of the highest quality.

Furniture since 1895

Wesley-Barrell has been retailing high quality upholstered and cabinet furniture since 1895 and currently operates multiple stores across the UK including a flagship store in London.


Wesley-Barrell’s collection of upholstered sofas and armchairs demonstrate a commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship, great British design and the best quality materials that truly respect the company’s rich heritage.


Wesley-Barrell’s focus on their heritage, design and traditional craftsmanship is firmly in keeping with Wessex Bristol’s strategy to invest in quality British home and lifestyle brands.

Wesley-Barrell has had roots in Witney, Oxfordshire since 1895 and now with showrooms across the UK a new generation of management has also embraced the opportunity to introduce Wesley-Barrells traditional and contemporary designs to customers here and overseas.