Sugg is renowned as the leading name in decorative heritage lighting. Ornate columns and lanterns now adorn numerous thoroughfares, prestigious buildings and parks across the world.


Established in 1837, the historic skills and traditions behind this unique pedigree, along with the embracement of modern cutting edge technology, remain the cornerstone of the Sugg lighting success story.


Using the techniques of craftsmen handed down through the generations; Sugg continues to set the highest standards in the design and manufacture of heritage lighting projects across the world.


By embracing modern technology Sugg are able to provide authentic luminaires that provide efficient performance solutions for modern day requirements, which applies to both interior and exterior projects.

In 2008 Sugg Lighting were very proud to receive the appointment of the Royal Warrant, the prestigious award to become the “Heritage Lantern Manufacturer and Refurbishment Specialist to Her Majesty the Queen”.