Wessex Bristol

At Wessex Bristol, we look firmly to the future without ever turning our backs on the proud and history-rich past of our brands.

This unique collective heritage fuels our refusal to settle for anything less than the very best as we grow. Our design, manufacture and retail teams continuously raise the bar for excellence in our products even as they honour their roots by safeguarding time-honoured traditions and values.

sugg_150Established in 1837, Sugg Lighting is renowned as the leading name in decorative and heritage lighting.


Fletcher was established in the late 1950’s and remains one of the few volume producing boat companies in the UK.


Chalon handcrafts the finest quality, award-winning kitchens and freestanding furniture.

Wesley-Barrell is one of the UK’s most revered brand names for upholstery and furniture of the highest quality.

dell-quay copyDell Quay offers great family boating and is one of the most adaptable boats in our range