The Wessex Bristol group comprises a unique assembly of exceptional brands that create high quality products. It currently employs over 300 people across the United Kingdom with reported sales of £30 million.

Sugg | Est. 1837

Sugg is renowned as the leading name in decorative and heritage lighting. Ornate Sugg columns and decorative lanterns adorn numerous thoroughfares, prestigious buildings and parks across the world.

Fletcher Boats | Est. 1955

Fletcher was established in 1955 and remains the most iconic names in sports boats with the sole purpose to design and build class leading performance craft. Sharing the legendary deep ‘V’ hull all boats in the Fletcher range deliver superior performance on the water.

Chalon | Est. 1978

Chalon is arguably one of the Britain’s most exclusive kitchen brands and handcrafts the finest quality, award-winning kitchens and freestanding furniture.

Wesley Barrell | Est. 1895

Wesley-Barrell is one of the UK’s most respected retail brand names for premium upholstery and furniture. Wesley-Barrell operates multiple showrooms across the UK including a flagship store in London.

DellQuay | Est. 1960

DellQuay Marine was established in 1960 and specialises in the cathedral hull shape boats that are between 13 and 22ft in length. Due to its unique hull the DellQuay offers a stable platform delivering unrivalled performance.